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South Greensburg
Building Community and Family through Love and Truth

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213 Penick Ave. Greensburg Ky

        Service Times:
        Sunday School 9:00 CST
        Morning Worship 10:00 CST
        The Refuge 6:30 CST
        Wednesday Bible Study and Youth 6:30 CST   

    South Greensburg Baptist Church is longing
    to be the church that God wants her to be.  We
    Believe that Jesus Christ, is the Son of God, sent to
    this earth to give His Life for us.   Only in Chirst can
    we ahve the fufillment, joy, and meaning to live.

    We desire to be a church that relevantly preaches the
    gospel in truth, but with an enviroment that is very laid back
    and come as you are.  We desire to be in the community and
    actively helping and reaching those around us.

    We would like for you to come and be part of us at
    South Greensburg Baptist.  Come and worship with us
    as we thank God for sending Jesus and prepare to be
    missionaries in the community around us!

213 Penick Ave.
Greensburg Kentucky

jesus pic