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the worlds NOT SO famous oboe playing praying mantis


The Famous Morty Mantis longed to determine his true heritage.  Where did he come from?  What were his roots? And did he have any surviving family?  A tip lead Morty to believe that he had a surving twin brother by the name of Murry.  So our beloved Mantis went looking for his lost relative...murry.

After visiting the old Mantis plantation in Southern Georgia, a tip led Morty and new Road Manager Wayne Newton to the City of Paris.  "Nothing good comes out of France" Newton is quoted saying to Morty, so the thoughts of why a superstar's brother would be here is completly unknown.

They discovered in Paris the other Mantis.  Yes he was Morty's brother, but far from Morty.  Murry unlinke Morty has hardly any talent none whatsoever.  Instead of cute and witty, he's just plain freaky.   Oh yeah!  We forgot to mention the part that MURRY IS COMPLETLY EVIL!!!

After discovering his twin he was in complete disgust at this freak of nature.  Morty disowned Murry at first glance.  Murry is so evil that he does posses one talent.  The ability to almost play the oboe.  Murry, full of shere hatrid tried to kill Morty by playing "HOT CROSS BUNS" on the oboe for him.  Murry was eventually tried and sentenced to jail for "attempted Mant Slaughter".

After being released Murry vowed to destroy our beloved superstar.  His goal is to hunt Morty down and break his little claws so we can no more here mantis sounds of love on the piano.  Murry has also added Tom Hanks (Morty's best friend) on to his death list of carnage because of what Tom said in a recent TIME interview:  "Morty has the ability to woo an audience with amazing piano playing skills.  Murry on the other hand plays the oboe and is completly evil.  An Oboe playing praying Mantis??? Give me a break!  Manti don't even have lips!"

Here at Morty web we have posted some pics of the whereabouts of MURRY. Murry looks exactly like Morty except for two traits. (1). He's brown instead of cute green and (2) he plays the oboe, NOT the beautiful instrument known as the piano.   We really have no clue of the whereabouts of Murry, but if you see him please call your local police or FBI immediatly.

Murry's used Oboe shop located in downtown Paris

Murry seen playing his oboe in a chicago bar band, right before they were booed off the stage

Rare photo of Murry enlisting the evils of Kevin Bacon for his rage against Morty

One of the many anti murry bill boards

Murry, unlike Morty, has a real problem with alcohol

Murry was spotted in North Dakota burning down an Orphanage