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    Millions of people were horrified when they heard that SUPER STAR MORTY MANTIS was dead.  According to the reports Morty was killed in the concert on the lawn show, when a mad mower plowed him over.  As the world mourned little did we know...Morty Mantis was it at again!!!

    Bill Freece (Mortys owner, trainer, and adopted parent) is quoted in saying this..."Morty just needed some time off...none of the family objected to that".  Morty was playing show after show and apparently he had just had enough.  "Worn out!  Simply worn out" Tonya Freece is quoted saying.

    For a human being faking your death is illegal but for a mantis, IT'S A  OKAY!  Morty had it all rigged.  In front of thousands of people he placed a robotic anamatronic of himself playing the piano.  Since nothing in the world can sound as good as Morty hammering out the tunes a recording of Morty was played through the loud speaker.  As the mad mower (which in all reality was long time friend Paul Rueben) mowed him over the crowd actually believed he was dead.

    But why?  Why would the superstar do this?  For one reason.  Relaxation.  Morty took the time off to get away from the World Tour comeback and relax with the Freece Family in Mexico.  There Morty lived in peace and enjoyed having a good time with his adopted cousins.  But apparently Morty just couldn't stay out of the spotlight.

    "His heart is in the piano" his mexican cousin Ricardo is quoted saying "he had to get back".  So Morty did just that.  In his off time he actually composed a new album that will be released at a further date.  But as of now...dry up those tears...BECAUSE MORTY MANTIS IS BACK TO LIFE!!!

Here are some pictures taken while Morty was faking his death

Morty is seen here sky diving with his cousins

Morty is seen here playing his favorite sport "bad mitten"

Morty loves the roller coaster...he's a real thrill seeker

Morty took a surf break during his vacation

After the surf Morty wrestled with his mexican cousin Ricardo

And it does turn out that the tabloids were right...that was Morty with Willie Nelson