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    Morty was born and raised on the Mantis Plantation located in Southern Georgia.  Morty was then adopted by Bill and Tonya Freece.  The Freece family had experince working with several differnt insects training them for movies and other performances, but when they found Morty they knew he was a little more special.

"I just saw those claws"  Tonya said "And I knew he the ability to play"

So Bill took it upon himself to carve a minature piano out of the old oak tree in the back yard.  He quickly began to teach Morty the way of the Piano.

Bill is quoted saying this "At first everyone said I was crazy for trying to teach a praying mantis to play piano, but I guess I should them"

Morty learned so quickly.  He first started off with simple songs like "Mary had a little lamb" and "row row row your boat"  but quickly moved to other tunes.  Mortys favorite song was "CHOPSTICKS"

The Demand for Piano playing Manti isn't very much in America so they took Morty to England.  The English people simply feel in love with Morty.  He began with small English Pubs and later moved up to live RADIO apperances.  The Freece were so proud.

The fame of Morty quickly spread across England, people were demanding Full length Albums and live tv shows, THEY JUST WANTED MORE MORTY.  It wasn't uncommon to see every car in England with a "MORE MORTY" bumper sticker stuck on it.

Late 1994 Mortys dream came true.  The BBC offered his own special.  It was a sold out show and Morty played wounderfully!  From tunes to Mozart to Beethoven he wooed the audience.  Morty was a success!

Morty traveled the globe spreading his MANTIS tunes of love.  From England to America to Japan to Africa MORTY was a NATIONAL HIT!

Morty had a short lived acting career as well.  Due to his small size he was only featured as extras in two hit films.  Excorist 2 (as a locust) and Aracnophobia .  But Morty didn't care much for acting, MUSIC was his passion!

In the later part of 96 The Freece felt that Morty had had to much.
"we wanted what was best for morty"  They were quoted saying.

So the sadness of the world MORTY played his farewell concert at Carnegie one ever guessed he would make a come back!


With invitations to the White House, The Royal Palace in England, and Vatican, Morty is booked!  Celebrity Wayne Newton ( long time fan of Morty) called the Freece and begged to be put on the tour with him!

Now Morty and Wayne are touring the globe.  So please check your local listings and come see MORTY LIVE!  The show that the critics can't get enough of!